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Taylor HaineComment

Now that we've just had our third baby, I've found items that I love and that work for us. They've become total necessities for the newborn stage of life, but I also included a couple fun things, just because! 

1. Snuggle Me Organic Baby Lounger: (okay, this is for ANY baby), but it's been our most used/loved item since we had Harlowe. This baby lounger/sleeper has been a total lifesaver for our little girl because it "hugs" her in all the right places and mimics someone holding her! She is super content in her snuggle me and she sleeps soundly. Since my hubby and I have been taking shifts with her at night, I feel comfortable letting her sleep in it because one of us is always near by (a.k.a. on the couch!!) and supervising her sleeping in it. 


2. Girly Accessories: I am in love with these bow headbands from Isn't She Lovelywhich I purchased at the cutest little shoppe in town: The Local's Nest Boutique All of the items sold in the shoppe are Canadian made and top quality. I love these bows because they are super stretchy, can fit many head sizes (even Harlowe's tiny head!), and they are ADORABLE! It is so nice to find products that support small businesses and that you know will last forever! I will definitely keep her first bow in her baby book: a total keepsake! 

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3. Jellycat Stuffy: My sister-in-law first gifted our boys each a bunny when they were just a month old. Since then, the boys are totally attached to their "bun-buns", and have saved us many times late at night when they are able to self-soothe with their favourite stuffy. Since then, we have bought them other bunnies, but they do't attach to them the way they have grown fond of their first bunny! It is so cute! Harlowe, now a month old, was now gifted her very own bunny from her auntie and I can only hope she will have the same attachment that her brothers do! They are the softest stuffies ever, and the perfect cuddle buddy for your little! 

4. Beluga Baby wrap - I first bought two of these when we had our twins. We used them only a handful of times. It was impossible to wear both babies at once, and I didn't want to have to choose which one I would wear. However, when Harlowe was born, I knew I wanted to use the wrap again for its calming benefits! She's only a month old, and I use our Beluga Baby wrap at least once a day! It's been amazing for hands-free time, and Harlowe is calm immediately and usually falls asleep for the whole times she's wrapped up! I LOVE IT! We own two, and I have my eye on the golden yellow one for summer! The wraps are incredibly soft (made from bamboo) and stretchy. Make sure to watch the tutorial online first before wearing your baby. I ordered my wraps online, but you can now purchase them at The Local's Nest Boutique in town! 


5. OVer Cover from The Over Collective - This cover is amazing to cover the carseat, use while nursing, cover a shopping cart, and can even be used as a blanket and/or swaddle. I own the New Alto Stripe design and I love how chic it is! Plus it just goes with everything. I am loving black and white lately and this pattern is just so totally my style. I love how soft and stretchy this cover is. We mainly use it to cover the carseat for privacy and as a blanket in the carseat! You can order any of the designs online from their website (OVer is located in Toronto run by the cutest little couple!), but The Local's Nest Boutique just recently started carrying some of them! 

6. Hands-Free Diaper bag: I have this Matt & Nat Diaper bag backpack, because I knew with three kids that I really wouldn't have a spare hand and didn't want to mess around with straps and tossing a bag over my shoulder. It's super roomy, and can fit all my necessities for baby + ME! I purchased it from West Coast Kids. I actually picked it out as a Christmas gift for myself, because it's that cool and I wanted to use it straight away. 


Do you have any of these items?! Are any on your list of must-haves?

Let me know in the comment section below!

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