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Taylor HaineComment

I recently (okay, who am I kidding… it was months ago..but MOM LIFE!) had a request to share some of the recipes of the smoothies that I make for our boys every morning. I started making smoothies for the boys when we were in a breakfast rut and I wanted to get more fruit and veg into their little bodies right at the start of the day… FUEL! I have been drinking smoothies for years and years, since I was in elementary school. But, I have really refined what I put into my smoothies so that they are PACKED with nutrients that are yummy and nutritious! I went from drinking fruit only smoothies with cow’s milk, to smoothies with veggies, protein, healthy fats, fruit, and (always) plant milk.

These smoothies are SURE to pack a PUNCH that you AND your kids can enjoy!

Before we get started…. Things I swear by for a good smoothie:

frozen banana: (if you aren’t a huge banana fan, you could always cut down the amount or substitute a ripe avocado! so creamy!) — peel your bananas first and then cut into smaller piece for easy blending! I usually freeze a bunch at once and store in a freezer bag or on a cookie sheet!
a decent blender: I only have a ninja, but I use the single smoothie attachment and get a thick, creamy, smooth, smoothie every single time! If you have a Vitamix or Blendtec… WOW! I’m forever dreaming of owning one of those.


MILKSHAKE 2.0 smoothie
My 3 kids are head-over-heels for this smoothie and I don’t blame them! It comes out so thick and creamy, it reminds me of a milkshake or ice cream! So yummy!

-1 frozen banana
-scoop of frozen raspberries
-handful of frozen cauliflower
-half an avocado
-1 large scoop of peanut butter
-fill with your favourite plant milk until ingredients are covered (I prefer almond or cashew for this one)


SUNSHINE smoothie AKA COUGH BE GONE smoothie
I threw this smoothie together when my toddlers had a persistent cough and a few mamas suggested honey and pineapple to get rid of coughs! It’s great for a dreary day to bring some warmth into your life or a great summertime snack!

1 frozen banana
-handful of frozen pineapple
-small scoop of locally made honey (we normally do not eat honey because #plantbasedlife, but for a cough we will… and honey is NOT for babies under 1!)
-1/4 tsp of turmeric (this taste can take some time to get used to, so start small!)
-1 small scoop hemp hearts
-small handful of either frozen cauliflower, frozen zucchini, or frozen spinach. My kids love the bright yellow of this smoothie, but spinach and zucchini will change that… just to be warned for kids sensitive to colours) or skip the frozen veggies and LIVE A LITTLE!
-full fat coconut milk (I use canned) —- you could use the full can or 1/2 …. depends how coconutty you like it! then fill under ingredients are covered with your favourite plant based milk

This is the smoothie that started me on drinking greens in a smoothie! I have adapted it from the recipe I found years ago on Pinterest

-1 frozen banana
-1/4 tsp vanilla bean powder or a splash of vanilla extract (good quality)
-handful of spinach (I love using frozen spinach)
-handful of ice
-top with your favourite plant milk (I prefer soy milk for this one)


I have adapted this recipe from Earthy Andy who inspired me during my Candida journey. I’ve just tweaked it to fit my taste buds! This smoothie is filling and I will often have it for breakfast and be good for the morning: protein packed without a nasty powder! In this smoothie you get protein from: cacao powder, hemp hearts and/or chia seeds, nut butter, and the plant milk! Wooot woot! Cacao powder is so amazing and is a superfood. It contains protein, iron, and fiber! Who knew drinking something chocolatey (and like a milkshake) could be so good for you?!

-1 frozen banana
-1 tbsp cacao powder
-1 tbsp hemp hearts or chia seeds
-1 huge scoop of your favourite nut or seed butter. I use almond or peanut butter for this one…. but how good does cashew or hazelnut butter sound?! definitely trying those next!
-sprinkle of sea salt
-sprinkle of vanilla bean powder or splash of good quality vanilla extract
-cover all ingredients with your favourite plant-based milk (I love cashew or almond milk for this one)

**okay, and bonus ingredient! Cold coffee for a delicious treat! As moms, aren’t we always reheating our coffee or drinking it cold, or like me, even forgetting to pour it into a cup after I’ve made it? Well, if I have leftover cold coffee, I will do half plant milk and half coffee for the liquid ingredients in this smoothie and it is SO GOOD! You’ve got to try this combo!



Get your kids involved in the smoothie making! My kids enjoy helping pick out the ingredients and adding them to the blender. It gives them ownership and then they often enjoy their smoothies more when they’ve helped make it!

If you have leftover smoothie (rarely happens here, but I don’t like waste!): freeze it in a popsicle mould for a fun treat, or freeze in ice cube trays, and add to another smoothie at a later time!

I always keep chia seeds and hemp hearts on hand. I store them in mason jars in my fridge so they stay fresh longer and are easily accessible!

I hate a warm smoothie: that’s why I do so many frozen items. You could also freeze your plant milk into ice cube trays and use that instead of ice cubes or just extra to go with your milk for a creamy, frothy, ice cold smoothie!

All of my recipes make one large adult serving or 2-3 small kid servings.


Let me know if you try a recipe or two or all four!! Tell me which is your favourite and your kids’ favourite! I want to hear how you’re enjoying these!

Thanks for stopping by,