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Taylor HaineComment

Hey guys! I decided to do something WAY different for this week's blog post! We went camping for a week and in that time I read 3 novels. All of which were so different and SO good, so I thought I'd do a little review for you all! I love to read and I hope that I can foster a love for reading in my boys. By the way, our new favourite time to read bedtime stories is in the bath! I usually read while Tim washes the boys down. I love our little routine! 

Here we go! In the order I read them ... 

The Whole Thing Together written by Ann Brashares - Of course Ann is one of my favourite authors. I first fell in love with her writing and stories in Grade 9 when I read Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, then again when I read The Last Summer (of You and Me) and again with My Name is Memory. I enjoyed The Whole Thing Together, but it wasn't my favourite of Ann Brashares. It was an easy, YA read, but there are many characters and sometimes it was hard to remember which character was a part of which family. It is a story about a broken family who have rebuilt their families with lots of kids and half-siblings. The two families share a cottage and switch on and off each week. The story mostly circles around the two youngest teens, one from each family, who actually aren't related. It ends in tragedy (SPOILER!) but overall I enjoyed the book. It was one of those comforting reads about family, love, and relationships! 

The Woman in Cabin 10 written by Ruth Ware - Well, I started this book in February when my anxiety was at an all time high. I decided for my mental well being, that I couldn't continue to read it. But, with my anxiety much lower than it was in the Winter, I decided to read it while camping. Well you guys, I was absolutely obsessed with this book! A woman as the lead, goes on a cruise ship when she discovers that the woman in the cabin next to her has gone missing. It's kind of a whodunit! Thriller, suspense, it kept me guessing until the end! Although, I did find the ending a bit rushed, and would have liked it dragged out a bit more. That being said, it was a pretty easy read (besides keeping track of all the characters, haha I seem to have a problem with this). I loved it! Does anyone else notice how Women/Girls seems to be trending for book titles in the last couple years?! Gone Girl and Luckiest Girl Alive are just two I've read, but almost every book featured at the book store has Woman or Girl in its title!!

Born Survivors written by Wendy Holden - This was by far the most interesting book I read of the three. It was my favourite! The story of three women who give birth in Concentration Camps... and  all 6 survive the war! It so amazing. It is horrifying, sad, powerful, and terrible. I started reading stories about the Holocaust in Grade 5. I have read many of them. Each story is individual and unique and I think it's so important to hear the stories of the lives lost at such a terrible time. The author of Born Survivors, Wendy Holden, put this book together by finding snippets of information, email interviews, watching documentaries, articles, interviews with other Holocaust survivors, and interviewing some of the "babies". She never met the Mothers in person. She put together the stories of these three Mothers and their babies in such a raw and real way. I could not put this book down. When we got home from camping we watched The Baby Born in a Concentration Camp, a documentary of one of the moms and her baby. I highly recommend this book. 

There you have it! Three totally different books read in a week. I am now currently reading My (Not So) Perfect Life written by Sophie Kinsella: another favourite author of mine. I actually never read any of the Shopaholic books (didn't like the main character), but have loved all of her other books. I usually actually LOL while reading them. I love her witty writing! 

Let me know if you liked this book review and I'll do more in the future! 

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