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Taylor HaineComment

Hey everyone ... I've been meaning to write about my Journey with Candida and #takingbackmyhealth for some time, but I think it's good to have let some time pass and let my body continue to heal. 

I last wrote about my Candida over a month ago. I had returned from Vancouver and was finishing up my supplements, questioning going off Birth Control, and dealing with a few minor flare ups. 

For 7 weeks, I didn't drink or touch caffeine. I have rarely eaten fruit this summer (too much sugar) except for the occasional berry or small piece of watermelon. I have stuck to my plant based diet, except I think I ate cheese once and had salmon last night. I continue to eat gluten and a small amount of dark chocolate each day. I have kombucha occasionally now: maybe a couple times a week. I also only drank twice this summer: once for my anniversary and once at a wedding. Other than that, no alcohol! 

DIET: At first, I was paranoid. I didn't want to eat or drink anything that would cause a flare up. I had a few very minor flare ups. Sometime in August I cut out sugar again for 3 days. I used a bit of Clotriderm cream on the flare up area, and nothing much came of it. I have these mystery bumps on the back of my neck/scalp area, and I have no idea what they are. But, they don't seem to bother me much, so I try not to stress about it. 

BIRTH CONTROL: After I saw my Naturopath for a second time, I decided I was done with BC. If it was something that might be causing Candida overgrowth, I didn't want to take any chances. I am now tracking my cycle, but it is VERY irregular. The other thing is that I am breaking out like crazy. I have never had so many pimples in my life as I've had in the past month. My skin scars very easily, so I have about 8 new scars on my face. It is something that I am self conscious about, but not enough to feel the need to "cover-up" each day. I like to wear makeup on date nights or special occasions, or when I go to work, but during the week I am often makeup-less. I feel good when I wear makeup, and I won't totally stop wearing it, but I've definitely cut down on my usage. I have also switched up my skin care products in hopes of healing the scars and having healthier skin. I know that I cannot have perfect skin, and that is not what I am striving for, but I would like my hormones to calm down a bit and give my skin a break! I think it'll happen. I've already noticed that my period shit has calmed down a bit. A couple weeks ago, I had to wear a pantyliner ever day because somedays I'd get blood, brown discharge, stringy bits, or whatever... (sorry, TMI), but I know that my body was regulating itself and clearing out old shit. I say shit, because it can get pretty nasty. 

WATER INTAKE: I am failing in this area lately. Before, I was drinking a ton of water and tracking it on my FitBit app. I kinda fell off that wagon, and need to get back on it. I love water with lemon: hydrating and alkalizing. 

EXERCISE: I've always been a huge advocate for exercise to give me endorphins and decrease my anxiety. I walk every morning and if I'm having a hard day, by the time I'm back from my walk I feel a million times better. 

NATUROPATH: I was scheduled to have a third appointment with my naturopath for the "Hokey" test (remember that?), but Tim and I are both without benefits for the summer, so I just could not justify spending $100 for a hokey test (as described by my Naturopath). It was intriguing and I'd like to take the test, but I think I'll wait until my benefits kick in. 

Other than that, things have been great. I still get the occasional itch and wonder if it's Candida. But I've learned to know my symptoms and what to do if it is something. 

I know that I need to keep my diet on track and keep taking my probiotics in order to keep the overgrowth away, but I also know that my body is susceptible to having an overgrowth again. I just need to be body-aware and present and stress-free. 

My mantra: I can do hard things. This applies to so many things in my life. It is has gotten me through Candida overgrowth and it's getting me through these stressful last weeks of summer as I figure out my job for September. 

Thank you for stopping by,