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Taylor Haine1 Comment

You guys. I survived Spring Break. We are now into April, and I am sitting here, feeling light than ever, because I survived. My New Year's resolution was to Thrive, Not Just Survive (a goal I am mimicking from the lovely Joanna Gaines). But guys, having twins calls for survival some of the time. There are some moments, where I was deep in survival. No space for thriving. But, here I am. It's April 3, and I am ready to thrive again. 

You see, this Spring Break was hard. My parents were away on vacation and my in-laws Winter in Arizona. So for the first time, since my twins have been Earth Side, I found myself without any assistance during the days. My hubby is gone for work from about 6:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (and I know I am a lucky lady to have my hubs back home for those hours before bedtime). The hours between 10:30-2:00 are complete chaos with the boys. They demand 100% of my attention, and they deserve it... but with twins, how do you give them 100% undivided attention? You don't. There's give and take and lots of sharing. And lots of snacks. And the occasional whine (okay, and wine). 

So, I hired a babysitter. Yup, I hired a lovely Grade 9 student to come and help me out during the days of Spring Break. I forked out the money (and seriously every dollar was so so worth it) and my anxiety was lessened knowing that I would have assistance during those crazy hours. 

We were all set up for her to come and help out during Spring Break, and then Duke got sick. Random vomiting, but in large quantities, and diarrhea. And lethargy. And picky eating. All that stuff that goes with a stomach bug. But then we were looking into food allergies and teething and infections and all that stuff, because I'm a mama and I worry. We cut out foods and fed the little guy whatever he would eat. He lost weight. He wasn't himself. But slowly, he started to get better ... and then a week later, Jude got sick. So we tended to him and cut out more foods and gave him lots of extra cuddles. We thought we were in the clear. For 5 days, there was no vomit. And then mid-week, last week, Jude vomited again. 

This all happened over Spring Break. Luckily lots of it happened during weekends when Tim was home. But I am so glad I hired the babysitter. Did I feel a bit guilty that she was playing downstairs with them while I was upstairs cooking and folding laundry and cleaning bathrooms? Maybe a bit, but not really, I was getting shit done... interrupted!! I had her take them on walks a couple of the days it was sunny ... and I had the house completely to myself! I never sat down once to relax, I was busy doing things... but do you know how nice to is to be in the house BY YOURSELF?! Oh my god, I haven't had that in 10 months!!

I have no regrets hiring a babysitter. It was so so worth it. My anxiety was lessened, knowing that she would arrive and care for the boys a couple hours a day. I was able to be productive, get things done, and then enjoy my time with my boys in the mornings and late afternoons. Hiring a babysitter or asking for help does not make me OR you any less of a mom. Having a break every once in awhile will make you a better mom, in fact. Having a babysitter or a nanny or help doesn't mean I love my babies any less. I'm only human! I need the break! 

So if you're sitting here ready this, and wondering, should I hire a babysitter/nanny? Is it worth the money? The answer is yes! Even if you hire a babysitter once a week, or once every 2 weeks to do whatever you want ! Go to the gym, get your nails and hair done, clean the house, sit down and drink a coffee.. whatever it is you want to do, it's so worth it! Will you feel guilty? Maybe. But you should't! Being a mom is hard. It's tough work. You don't get a break from being a mom. You're always "on". If you've been following along with my journey, you know that in September I wanted to hire a nanny. I was having such a tough time, and I really wished I had. I think I would've enjoyed my time with my boys more if I had help. Twin life is SO busy, and a nanny would've saved me. But ALL moms, whether you have 1 baby, multiples, or a few singletons, deserve a break!

Hire the babysitter!!

Thanks for reading,