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Taylor HaineComment

Okay, I started this post back at the beginning of March, but it just didn't have the right feel... so I've revamped it, and here we are! Sometimes social media gets a bad rap, but going more public and opening up on IG, FB, and my blog has been nothing but a positive experience for me (so far). When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I felt alone. It wasn't until I started making connections with twin moms and soon-to-be twin moms, that I was able to breathe about our big news and exciting adventure of becoming parents to twins. So, I wanted to shout it out to all my Instagram friends that have made life a whole heck of a lot easier for me, just by being themselves and sharing their journey! So today, I share with you, 5 Reasons Why My Instagram Twin Mama Friends Rock: 

I know I've said this before, but I cannot truly relate with singleton mamas and singleton mamas cannot 100% relate to me. We can imagine each other's worlds and totally supportive, but unless you're living it, you just don't know (and that goes for any situation). There are no other mamas I have felt truly connected to than twin moms. Sometimes when they post on IG or their blogs, I feel as if I could've written it myself (okay, not really, I'm not a great writer... I just enjoy it). Their thoughts are what I am thinking. Their words are words I've spoken myself. While we are all very different, our connection and bond over our twins is truly unique and special, and I am forever grateful for having "met" them over the internet. 

THEY'RE COMPLETELY HONEST AND REAL (THERE'S NO FAKING PERFECT IN A TWIN WORLD) Seriously, you CANNOT fake perfect in a twin world. You can't fake perfect in a singleton world either, but a lot more people get away it when there's only one baby. With two, you just can't. And why would we want to be perfect anyways? Our days are not perfect, but there are definitely perfect moments in our days (I think Cat & Nat have said this before). I've connected with my IG twin mamas because I see their struggle, and often I have struggled with the same things. I see how their day is going, and we are having the same crappy/great/bad/wonderful/boring/sad/magical day. I appreciate EVERY mama that is real and honest, but when it comes to twin mamas, I am extra keen on their realness because it's just so much like mine. 

When I first found out I was preggers with twins, I scoured the internet curious as to what the hell my belly would look like through the pregnancy. What I found was very limited, and to be honest, SCARY! But, then I found so many beautiful, real, raw mamas on IG and instantly knew that everything would be okay. When you have newborns, you can sometimes get into a rut of isolation and boredom, but I am so glad I have my IG twin mamas to reach out to and message or watch their instastories or scroll through their posts and pics. And I found that it was all reciprocated! Twin mamas want to (in my experience!) connect with other twin mamas. They want to help each other other out, support one another, and root for each other. Again, so thankful, so grateful. Where would I be without technology?!

They just know what life is like. They offer advice, they give you an ear to listen, they send all the right emojis ... exactly when you need these things the most. Best of all, my twin mama friends don't judge. 

Okay, when everything is shit (literally, shit), we can usually look back and have a laugh, because we've all been there before. We seem to share similarities in humour, sarcasm, and jokes. Another great twin mom connection. 

Really, we're all in this thing together, motherhood. Whether you're a twin mom, a singleton mom, a mom of many, we can all support each other by building a strong mom community and reaching out to those who need some encouragement. But I have to say, I have never felt more in sync than I have with my fellow twin mamas.

Basically, this post is just a shout-out to Internet friends, and especially the twin-mama friends I have made because of Social Media. I love ALL my mom friends with a heart full of gratitude and look forward to continuing to build my community of supportive, real, loving mamas. The bottom line is, I hope that no matter what, mama, that you can find someone or people to connect with when you are raising your babies. You'll need these connections along the way. 

Thank you for being you. You're doing a great job, mama.