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Taylor Haine1 Comment

You've probably heard the news already, but our family is adding a baby girl into the mix in the Spring! She will complete our family, and I wanted to share our finding out story as well as a little background as to why we're so over the moon! 

I have always wanted a girl. When we found out we were having twins, we both hoped for one of each. When they told us we were having two boys, I immediately loved them, but feared that I would never get my girl. Having a third baby was a bit risky, because we had a high chance of having twins again, and it would be my last pregnancy, so we were super anxious to find out if it'd be a boy or girl! 

I was prepared for the tech to tell us that we were having a boy. I had to mentally prepare. Don't get me wrong, I love baby boys, but I so badly wanted a girl. All of my friends that had babies last year had girls. There was not a BOY baby to be found in my closer circle of friends! I almost felt like I was missing out, like I wasn't a part of some secret club. I was envious! I often wondered if whatever high power was gifting me with babies, maybe thought that I was incapable of raising a girl. I questioned if I wasn't strong enough to raise a girl, maybe I didn't deserve to get to have a girl ... Many thoughts went through my head. Being a boy mom is pretty cool, I mean, I am the QUEEN of the house, and I love my tribe of boys. But, I wanted the chance to raise a girl! I so badly wanted Tim to have the chance to be a daddy to a girl and for us to have a mix of genders! 

*Please respect that these are my own personal feelings, and that I don't have anything against people with only one gender for children. Just for me, I had always pictured my life with more than 2 children and a mix of genders. That's just what I wanted and they are my feelings, therefore they are valid. Thank you *

So, at the end of November, Tim and I were sent off to Calgary for a detailed scan and a uterine artery test. For those of you who don't know, I had preeclampsia with the boys, and my OB wanted to see if I was at risk for developing it with baby #3. They only do this scan in bigger centres. To be honest, I was excited. The technology is incredible in Calgary and they allow your partner to be with you for the entire appointment. And, the tech is able to tell you the gender right then and there and you get to speak with an OB afterwords to get your results immediately! 

The appointment was long. We first had to see a nurse to answer some routine questions and do a blood pressure test. When we finally got into the u/s room, the tech made me empty two cups from my bladder because of how full it was! She couldn't see anything because my bladder was so full! 

Back in to the room, with a little less pee, she started the scan. Baby was super active and made it hard for the tech to get images of all the body parts. So, it took quite a bit of time. Then, to measure the uterine arteries, we had to get 3 images from each side. That took awhile! They have to listen for a specific sound from the artery in order for it to be a good image. So, that took more time too. And in between, she made me pee twice more. Geeze!

Finally we got most of our images, and our tech asked, "So just to double check, you want to find out the gender?" Yes! She then asked us if we were hoping for a gender, or if it mattered to us. We told her we had twin boys at home and hoped for a girl, but that I was prepared for her to say "boy". She then proceeded, and said, "Okay, I haven't looked at the parts yet, but now I will.".... those were the longest seconds of my life. My heart was racing, I was SO anxious!! Finally, after what felt like hours, she said, "Well, I think you guys did good ... it looks like a girl!". She then proceeded to show us the 5 lines (markers that indicate girl parts) for a girl. For boys, there are just 3 lines. We were looking at the baby from the butt up. There were 5 distinct lines! I started crying, I was SO HAPPY!!! But, I didn't 100% believe her, so I asked, "So you are saying it's a girl?!" She said, yes, I think it is a girl. She then left to start going over the results with the OB, and said a second tech would come in to finish getting the images. 

I kept asking Tim, "Did she say girl?" I couldn't believe it. I was overjoyed. 


When the second tech came in, she finished getting the body part images, and I said, "So the first tech said it's a girl... does it look like a girl to you?" The tech was very enthusiastic and said, "Yes, I am positive it is girl! Look at her! She's so cute! Look at her lips!". She was very friendly and happy for us. The second opinion really helped solidify the information. 

a few days after we found out the news! baby girl in there! 

a few days after we found out the news! baby girl in there! 

When the OB came in, she said that everything looked great, and the preeclampsia test came back negative! We were now considered a low-risk pregnancy! 

We were on cloud now. Just buzzing with good energy, and happily called our family members to share with them our good news! 

Hope you enjoyed this story. Who else likes to find out baby's gender? Who likes to keep it a surprise? I am a planner, and for me, finding out the gender works for me and our family. 

Has anyone else experienced preeclampsia? Let me know in the comments below!