Taylor HaineComment


Taylor HaineComment

Well, first trimester with baby 3 was tough. I did a little comparison to break it down ... 

-morning sickness
-wearing maternity clothes before end of first trimester
-GIGANTIC boobies, bring on the milk!!!
-itchy tummy
-got my flu shot! 
-no heartburn (yet)

-took Diclectin this go around
-sickness until 16 weeks with baby 3 and sickness until 11 weeks with babies 1 and 2
-no acid reflux (yet)
-vomiting this go around
-in my maternity jeans at week 9? 10? this time (hello, old friends!)
-showing a month ahead of schedule this go around
-crazy headaches this go around (tension and work related, I think?)
-way more tired this go around ... I could sleep 10-12 hours a night
-not as repulsed and offended by other people's food this time

So while we aren't a high-risk pregnancy because it is singleton ... there are some concerns this time. With the boys, I developed preeclampsia (high blood pressure, that left untreated can lead to seizures for mama) sometime around 36 weeks. It was discovered at 36 weeks 3 days, and babies were born at 36 weeks 4 days. Once you have preeclampsia, you are at higher-risk to developing it again, and maybe earlier. We met with our lovely OBGYN last week, and he is sending us to Calgary for a special ultrasound that will measure blood flow and tell us if I am at an increased risk for developing preeclampsia. If things look good, we continue on just seeing our maternity dr. and don't see our OBGYN until 34 weeks. If, the blood flow isn't looking normal, I will have to have weekly check-ups to the dr to measure my blood pressure, and more frequent ultrasounds to look at the baby's development. We head to Calgary in 2 weeks for the u/s and hopefully we can get good news! The exciting part is that we will find out the baby's sex at this ultrasound if the baby allows us. I am excited/nervous/anxious for this part! I could have a tribe of boys on my hands, or the little baby girl I've dreamed of! I've always wanted a mix of genders in the family, so we will see! BUT, this is the last baby that will grow in my belly, so I am trying to enjoy the singleton pregnant life :) 

The boys were born via c-section, but we have the choice of either VBAC or scheduled c-section for this little babe. Tim and I are still talking about it, and we will talk to our OB more about the delivery at 34 weeks. He knows our labor and delivery history from last time, and promises us a more positive birthing experience this go around. I am so thankful for supportive Doctors!!

My next blog post will probably be about our Calgary ultrasound and the gender! Stay tuned ...