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Is it just me, or do some complete strangers think that they have every God given right to say exactly what is on their mind to you about YOUR baby (or babies?!). As a twin mom, I cannot believe some of the crazy comments and questions that come out of people's mouths. Also, as a twin mom, do you ever feel like a celebrity being stared at, chased down, and spoken to by the paparazzi (a.k.a random strangers in the mall, on the street, at the grocery store). I mean, sometimes it's fun to show off your twins, but other times you feel like you're a circus act and people are just staring at you (and your babies) because you're something totally different (as if they've never seen twins before)?!

People can be pretty wacky and ballsy sometimes is all I'm saying. 

Just for laughs/fun/memories... here are some of the comments and questions that we've received from strangers when we're out in public with our twin boys:

"Are they twins?" -- NO, I'm just carting two babies who happen to look alike, are the same size and age, just for fun. 

"What do you have in there?" - Why else would I be pushing around a double stroller if I didn't have two babies in there?!

"Are you breastfeeding both twins?" - First off, that is none of your damn business, and secondly, YES I AM!!, What do they think? I just breastfeed one and give the other formula? Or that my body is unable to produce milk for my babies? Supply on demand, people. 

"Is one a boy and one a girl, because that one is prettier" - Yes I did get this comment from a vendor at the farmer's market this summer. I called her out on in. Ridiculous. 

"Oh my, Double Trouble!!" - actually, my boys are very well behaved and not trouble at all. 

"Oh you must have your hands full!!" - Only when I'm holding both of them! ;)

"Are you getting any sleep?!" - Actually yes we are, thank you very much! 

"I always wanted twins!!!!" - Really, did you always wish for this?! Oh my god. I love my boys to death, but I can't say that I ever wished for twins! 4 kids yes, but never 2 at once! 

"I have twins! My dad's a twin! My cousin's a twin! My best friend's a twin! I KNOW TWINS!" - What a small world we live in. Until we had twins, I never realized how many twins there are in this world, in this town! It's crazy. There's something in the water, Cranbrook ... 

"Can I just take a little peek?" - We often covered up the boys while out in public because they were sleeping or we wanted some privacy, but I can't believe how many strangers wanted to just gawk at them!! Even if I said no, many people were persistent and asked a few more times to peek. 

"Oh you must just be having SO much fun!!" - Actually no, it isn't all fun. It's a lot of hard, tough work. The first 4 months of their lives are a blur!!

"Are they identical?" - Well no, they actually look very different to us, so they are most likely fraternal. The only actual way of knowing if twins are identical is if you have genetic testing done. Which we have not done. 

"Do twins run in your family?" - Up until recently, we didn't think so. But, twins actually do run in my family on my mom's side! There are three other known sets of twins on her side. 

"Which one is older?" - Actually they are the same age. Duke just happened to come out before Jude because he was closet to the exit. 

These are just some of the comments and questions we have received since having our twins. I am sure even mothers of singletons get asked strange things from time to time. 

Have you had similar experiences with strangers? Let me know in the comments below! I'd love to connect and hear some of your stories about having newborn twins. 

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