I've always wanted to be a mama. Growing up, and in my early twenties, all I wanted was to be married with children. It is what I wanted more than anything. Luckily, my hubby wanted the same things. Tim is three years older than me, so when we got married we decided that we wanted to start trying for kids right away. After all, when I inquired about getting pregnant with my doctor, she said that I should prepare myself for 6-12 months of trying before we actually fell pregnant. She suggested that I start taking prenatal vitamins and that I could go off my birth control, because I wouldn't necessarily get pregnant right away. I went home, and told this to Tim. This was quite a few months before our wedding. Tim was hesitant at first, he kept saying "You don't want to be pregnant at our wedding, feeling sick from morning sickness, and not able to enjoy it all". I agreed, and we decided I'd start prenatal vitamins but stay on my BC until the end of July (Our wedding was Aug. 15).

Fast forward to Thanksgiving weekend, I went for coffee with my girlfriends, and before heading home checked my Clue app. I realized that I was late, my period hadn't arrived. I was pretty regular because of my BC in the past, so I thought this was odd. Tim was out hunting for the day, so I decided to buy a few tests on the way home. I remember pulling up into the Safeway parking lot, and just have a gut feeling that I was pregnant, but of course I wouldn't know for sure until the test.

I got home, peed on a stick ... instantly positive. I couldn't believe it. No way. We had only been trying to get pregnant for 2 months. I tried to call Tim, but he had no service, so I called my mom. While on the phone with her, I peed on stick number 2. Instant positive. My mom came over  right away, and we decided to do a third test. Positive again. It had to be true then! Tim wouldn't be home for awhile, so my mom and I kept busy and made boat loads of energy balls.

A few hours later, Tim got home. But, he brought his brother back with him, and they decided to have a few beers on the deck. I was just DYING to tell Tim, but had to wait !!! While I waiting I made up this sign to show Tim:


Finally, when Tim came inside, I told him I had something to show him, and handed him the iPad. He was shocked! Happy, but shocked! We told my dad and his parents that evening. 

The next day, I tried to book a doctor appointment to confirm the pregnancy. I was so disappointed when I couldn't get in until the following Tuesday. While we waited for our appointment, the morning sickness started. It was bad. terrible. horrible. no good. I felt so so so bad. Some days I almost wished I would throw up, just hoping the nausea would go away. It was usually the worst in the morning, but it would last almost all afternoon, settle for a few hours, and then start again in the evening. 

Anyways, we went to our doctor appointment, confirmed the pregnancy and set up an early ultrasound to get an accurate due date. We would have our ultrasound the following Tuesday, which would put us at about 7 weeks pregnant. 

Little did I know that, that Tuesday, the date of our ultrasound would be a day I will never forget for 2 reasons... I will save that story for another blog post.

Thanks for reading,


mrs. and mama