I am not new to the blogging world. I have been around since myspace, and then it was live journal, and then blogger, and tumblr. Each house my teenage and early twenties' feelings. I have always been intrigued by blogs. I get lost in people's stories, people's photos, people's memories. I have connected with so many people through blogs. One of my dearest friends, I met through tumblr, and still keep in contact with her all these years later.

My point being that blogs connect and bring people together. If you have recently found out that you're pregnant with twins, you may find this space. Even if only one thing resonates with you, I would be delighted. When I found out I was pregnant, I scoured the internet looking for mamas who wrote blogs, who had twins. Luckily I found some, and since then have followed them on IG/FB/Pinterest/Snapchat. Those little connections have made me feel a little less alone in this world as a twin mama. My wish is that I can do that for someone else. 

So, here we go... again!


mrs. + mama


my babes at two weeks old. 

my babes at two weeks old.