I was seven weeks pregnant, I woke up in the morning, and instead of my usual morning sickness, I felt clear. I didn't feel the usual fog I'd been feeling for the past few weeks. I felt good!  I wandered into my bathroom to pee, pulled down my underwear, and saw something that no pregnant woman wants to see: a large pool of blood. No way, this could not be happening. I panicked, instantly thinking miscarriage. I called Tim in tears and told him. I called my mom next, and wondered if I should call in sick for work. I decided to go to work, to keep my mind off things, and would make a doctor appointment for that day. I put a large pad on, and hoped for the best. I rubbed my belly, and told baby to hold on. Even though the blood wasn't a steady flow, I just didn't feel pregnant anymore. I thought maybe it was an impending miscarriage. I even felt a bit crampy.

I got to work, in tears, but since I was so early in the pregnancy, I didn't want to tell anyone what was going on. I waited until the doctor office opened, made an appointment, left work, and because we had our ultrasound booked for that afternoon, I didn't have to worry about going back. Tim met me at the doctor's office, and I was just so worried, the tears just started flowing and I couldn't stop crying. My doctor tried to go over different reasons for the bleeding. But, she was still concerned and sent me to the hospital for blood work. We reminded her that we had our early u/s scheduled for that afternoon, so they could check things out that way too. I was worried that we would have to find out the news about no baby, from the ultrasound. I kept picturing the tech excusing himself and telling us that he needed to get the doctor.... different scenarios just kept going through my head. All worst-case scenarios.

We got to the hospital and were first sent down to the lab to get blood work done. I remember that day so clearly, I kept feeling the need to explain to every nurse/tech/doctor what was going on because I was so distraught, I felt obligated. Got our blood work done, and went up to get our ultrasound.

We had a wonderful wonderful man, Dave (I feel so lucky that we got him, not all u/s techs are like Dave). I had to go in first, without Tim, just standard protocol at our hospital. After I explained to Dave what had happened that Dave, he assured me that he would not let me leave the room without knowing what was going on. He first checked to see where the bleeding was coming from. He was calm and reassuring. He explained everything. He told me that it looked like the bleeding had stopped, but that he could see the area it was coming from. When he finally go to checking out the babe, all I wanted to know was if there was a beating heart. He said YES, definitely, there was a heart and it was beating away! I was so so relieved. He then went on to say something along the lines of "yes, its heart it beating at xxx BPM (I can't remember!). That's Baby A, and Baby B...." WHHHHAT. Two babes, with two healthy hearts?! I couldn't believe what I'd just heart. I started laughing in relief. I laughed so hard that Dave had to ask me to stop laughing because he couldn't get a clear image of the fetuses. I kept apologizing. I had a huge smile on my face. I could not believe it. Immediately, I wanted to tell Tim! When they finally allowed Tim into the room, Tim remembers coming in and seeing my smile. He knew that everything was alright by my smile. Then I said, "Guess what?! There are TWO babies in my belly!!". He could not believe it. We were in utter shock. We had gone from thinking we'd lost our baby, to finding out that we had two healthy babies growing inside of me. I can't help but look back and think that the bleeding was some sort of sign from my babies saying, "there's two of us here, mama!" I honestly think that someone out there was looking out for us that day. I am beyond thankful. I feel blessed that we were given twins. Some days, when things are really hard, I tell myself that we were given twins because we are strong, and we can handle it.

What started as a depressing day, turned out to be one of the best days of my life. Double blessings!

We are the lucky ones.

Thanks for sticking with me and reading along.



mrs. and mama

our peanuts at 7 weeks!

our peanuts at 7 weeks!