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This is a blog fuelled by anxiety and depression. When I was pregnant with my twin boys and then postpartum, I went through (and still do every so often) bouts of anxiety and depression. I decided to write my story, of how my boys came to be, and this season of my life with twins. I hope that you'll return from time to time to read about how life is going with me and my boys. I hope that I can connect with other twin mamas, or other mamas who have felt the same feelings I've felt, or who might be feeling lonely. Twin life is so different than singleton life. We need to reach out and support one another! 

When I was pregnant, I tried to find as many twin mama blogs as I could. Some posts resonated so much with me (and I still keep in touch and updated now as our twins grow!!), that I felt less lonely, I felt reassured, I felt in good company, that I wasn't going through this journey alone. I hope I can do the same for someone else out there. Or, I hope I can just be a place that you like to stop by every once in awhile for a good read. 

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